Ty Rowton is the man behind X-Factor. Ty started as a Superfan in 1992, by painting his body half red and yellow. In 1997 he became Spiderman in honor of Andre Rison. In 2000 he created  X-Factor. X-Factor was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2003. Ty is the man who founded this organization KC Superfans. In 2007, he set a Guinness World Record by watching 70 straight hrs of football. Ty has been to 241 straight games at Arrowhead and 76 away games. He has watched Chiefs play in every stadium except 2, including going into the Black Hole in Oakland. In 2013, X-Factor helped restore Arrowhead to not only Loudest NFL Stadium but spearheaded the 137.5 Decibels Guinness World Record! In 2014, X-Factor once again lead charge in resetting Guinness World Record at 142.2 Decibels

Ty is so passinate about helping people in Chiefs Nation through his charitable activities. Ty has made thousands of appearances at charity events, speaking at schools, handicapped facilities, hospitals etc. Nothing in the world means more to Ty than bringing smiles to peoples faces, especially kids!

Ty is extremely passionate about his beloved KC Chiefs also. As X-Factor he pumps up all the fans at Arrowhead to make it the Loudest Stadium in NFL. X-Factor stands for external factor. Coaching,injuries,weather are all X-Factor’s but he represents the greatest X-Factor in the whole wide world, all 80,000 screaming Chiefs fans at Arrowhead and the millions watching at home!

X-Factor challenges you all to extend the torch to future generations the importance of being apart of greatest fan base in world but more importantly giving back to communities throughout Chiefs Nation!


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