Firehat Matt

Hey what’s up Red Sea? I’m Matt Byerley or better known around The Chiefs Kingdom as FireHat Matt! I have been a diehard Chiefs fan since a very young age in the mid to late 80’s, I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe Chiefs football! I have not missed a Chiefs game since September 25, 1994 against the then L.A. Rams , a game that we lost 16-0 booo. That’s 378 games including the preseason and playoffs, and I didn’t miss many games before that growing up! That being said I didn’t attend a game until 1997 at Arrowhead against the Raiders, which we won that game 30-0! Since that game I have attended 47 games at Arrowhead including our last 2 home playoff games, 2 games at Denver, 1 playoff game at Indianapolis, and 1 game at Cleveland and sat in the front row of the Dawg Pound woof woof haha! This past season 2012 I attended all 10 home games and the game in Cleveland, I will become a season ticket holder in 2013! On top of attending games I also love attending Training Camp and The Chiefs Kingdom Radio Show hosted by “ THE VOICE” Mitch Holthus, Mitch is awesome by the way!
The face painting began the first game I ever attended back in 1997, but the game attire was always different until the home opener of the 2011 season against the Buffalo Bills, that was when the FireHat Matt outfit was broke out and I have worn that outfit every game that I have attended ever since! The best part of dressing up all goofy in Chiefs gear from head to toe is the smiles that it brings to the little kids faces, they seem to love the firehat haha! Over the last 10 ½ years of being a firefighter I have been involved with a lot of different work with kids at school functions and firehouse visits from kids of all ages, and also a little bit of charity work! But the biggest reason I wanted to become part of this group of the greatest fans in the world was to become more involved in the charity work that this great group is a part of and that all the new charity groups that we hopefully get involved in this great program! All in all this is for the kids!
 Well I hope to see each and every person that reads this at Arrowhead cheering on our beloved Chiefs and also at Charity events throughout the years to come! You will definitely see me and other great fans at the games cheering loud and proudly for our Chiefs, regardless of score or our record, because remember Chiefs fans are the greatest fans in the world! CCCHHHIIIEEEFFFFFFFFSSSSSSS!!!
                                                                                     FireHat Matt

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