Hello Fans and Friends…  I am KC Superfan “CORKY”, formerly known as Armed Force… I became a KC Superfan at the beginning of the 2011-12 NFL Season brought on board by Ty “X FACTOR” Rowton.  He introduced me to the world of Charity work and showed me the great feeling I get every time I attend a Charity Event.  I love to help people, make them happy while making a positive impact in their lives…
I am a man from many walks of life…  I am a truck driver. I am a biker. I am a Chiefs Fan. I am a NASCAR fan. I am also a huge supporter of our nations Military Troops, past and present.  My pride is evident in everything I do, and in the clothes I choose to wear.  I wear a Biker Vest, soon to be Red. I also proudly wear an American Flag Bandanna or Patriotic Ballcap along with a Red White and Blue Chiefs Pro Bowl Jersey.  So, I incorporate my love of GOD and Country along with my Chiefs Pride in my attire. 
CORKY is a nickname given to me by my best friend in life. We have ridden many many miles together on our motorcycles. He is the local President of North East Kansas CVMA 21-2 or Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association of which I am a Proud Support Member.  I once asked him why CORKY and he simply replied, “It Fits Your Personality” haha.  Armed Force was a cool name originally given to me by Kansas Cities own “WEIRDWOLF” at a Chiefs Kingdom Radio Show then set in stone by The Voice of the Chiefs, Mitch Holthaus.  After some ridicule and negative feedback from a few Veterans I decided to go back to my Biker Road Name “CORKY”… I unfortunatly did not get to serve in the Military due to health issues.  So, I adopted this persona so I could demonstrate my pride in our Country, Its Military, and also The Kansas City CHIEFS…
You will see me in LOT A and around the stadium at Chiefs Home Games and hopefully a few away games in the future.  Come up and say Hello and introduce yourself.  My Mission as a KC Superfan is to help Charities including Veterans Charities, Children, Handicapped, Animal Welfare and anything else I can do.  I promote numerous positive ideals such as, GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, GOOD FAN CONDUCT, SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS, ANTI BULLYING AND BEING A GOOD CLEAN POSITIVE ROLE MODEL for our up and coming KC Superfans and Children as well as ADULTS.  I believe in the quote: “WIN EVERY DAY”.   
I look forward to meeting more and more new friends in the future at games and Charity events. So, don’t be shy.. Come say hello to my fellow Superfans and I.  Remember, when the CHIEFS are on DEFENSE to “STAND UUUUPPP AAANNNNDDD SHHHOOOOOUUUUTTTTTT!!!!!!!!  BE LOUD, BE PROUD…. CHIEFS…
My Creedo:  Whether We Prevail or Fail, My Pride Will Never Die.  HOOOOAHHHHH!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!
Matthew “CORKY” Hickel

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