Superfan Footballs

superfan ballKC Superfan Football are handpainted by artist Ron Smith. Ron has painted footballs for Chiefs players that have charity organizations. Derrick Thomas was first player that Ron did this for and still continues with current players. KC Superfans are the only non player to recieve these footballs. The KC Superfan footballs are also autographed by current and former Chiefs players. These footballs are then donated to charities either to be raffled or sold in auctions. They have been described as “Holy Grail of Chiefs memorbilia” by donaters to charities.┬áThese footballs typically at a minimum raise a thousand dollars for charitable organizations. If your organization needs help raising money, this is a wonderful opportunity. Please contact us for info!21069_295863839438_696824438_4546725_3740820_n xxxxxx 300308_2389873753047_1436943115_32752460_551731552_n

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