Angels Program



There are so many living angels among us. KCSuperfans has established so many relationships with angels battling enormous challenges such as cancer,illnesses and disabilities and their amazing families. We visit angels when they are in hospital bringing them gifts to brighten their day. We also invite angels and their families to events such as parades, charity events, draft party, etc. We become family always helping bring smiles during challenging times. Our big event is taking angels and their families to both home preseason games. In 2014 we took 78 angels to these games. All tickets,parking,food,gifts etc was donated by amazing Chiefs fans across the world. The angels got to meet local celeberties,former players, cheerleaders, KC Wolf, be on TV and experience game sitting in X-Factor’s section. The really neat thing is angels begin helping other angels.

If you have tickets you aren’t gonna use, want to volunteer or want to donate to this amazing cause please contact us on front page of this website.

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